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Your Tea Chinese Herbal Blend - Energy 14 Tea Bags

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Wise man knows that 3 coffees at 3pm isn’t the answer to three-thirty-itis. A wise man knows it may be found in getting back to basics.

This blend does not contain any stimulants that cause a rise and peak in energy levels – instead these ingredients tend to the basics rather than providing a short term fix.

ENERGY makes use of cinnamon to warm and invigorate the digestive system which is further supported by Chen Pi. Siberian Ginseng is included as an adaptogen herb, which aims to naturally balance the body in times of overload. ENERGY includes a base of Lu Cha (Green Tea) combined with the zesty fruit of Ning Meng (Lemon). It is paired back with the tasty Chen Pi (aged Mandarin Peel).

All ingredients are a combination of organic and EU grade ingredients.

Wise things: our MILD range inner packaging is biodegradable, outer packaging is recyclable and teabags made from organic cornstarch (GMO free and biodegradable).

A subtle yet notable base of Cinnamon and Green Tea; the tang of aged Mandarin Peel will delight.

Ingredient list:
A combination of organic tea leaves and EU standard herbs:
Green Tea (Lu Cha), Siberian Ginseng (Ci Wu Jia), Cinnamon (Gui Zhi), Lemon (Ning Meng), Aged Mandarin Peel (Chen Pi).

Option 1: 1 teabag in AM and 1 in PM, 30 minutes away from food as a 7 day program.

Option 2: as an occasional and enjoyable brew with benefits.

 ENERGY formula has been designed by qualified TCM practitioners in Australia.