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Small Australian Family Business supporting other Small Businesses!
Small Australian Family Business supporting other Small Businesses!

Mt. Elephant Hemp Seeds Dehulled 250gr

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Grown amongst the fresh Australian air and pure soil, this super seed is perfectly produced to enhance your wellbeing.

Filled with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals such as essential fatty acids, protein, iron, fibre, magnesium, zinc and amino acids to name a few. These seeds will fuel your body and mind with plant-based power to excel and reach new limits.

Hemp seeds have a buttery, nutty flavour. Hemp seeds make a delicious, healthy and versatile addition to meals.

Our hemp is sown and grown in the purest Australian soil. Not only will you be supporting a local Australian business, but these ancient seeds contain the wondrous nutrients (we) needed to flourish and perform at our best.

They are one of the few plant-based sources out there to contain;

The ideal ratio of omega 3 to 6
A complete amino acid profile,
An abundance of protein, fibre and iron
Vegan and gluten free
Whilst also having a 5 Star Health Rating!

Sprinkle this super seed onto your breakfast, lunch or dinner to elevate the everyday!

Sprinkle, bake or shake!

These power packed seeds can be added to your smoothie, salad, soup or baking. The nutty and buttery flavour of hemp makes it easy to pair and delightful to enjoy.

They don’t like to be heated but can be blended easily due to their high oil content. They are lightweight and easily digestible so no soaking is required!

100% Australian sown and grown hulled hemp seeds.

We highly recommend storing this delicious product in the fridge to preserve its quality and freshness. Ideally, this product should be consumed within 60 days of opening.