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Evolution Botanicals Rhodiola Extract Stress Resilience - Organic 10:1 120g

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Our Rhodiola rosea extract is finally here. Rhodiola is a premier Adaptogen capable of boosting energy levels, mood, libido and endurance in times of increased stress or peak performance. Rhodiola is an adaptogenic stimulant the can give an activated or bright feeling in the body and mind. Our Rhohdiola is sourced from a small village deep within the Tibetan Himalayas.


Feeling sluggish, heavy, lethargic. Pre competitive sport. Pre times of required mental endurance like exams or big business day. When delaying fatigue is required. When energy for increased libido is required. When mood is dull. Kapha body types may feel balanced when using Rhodiola. Take a small dose and slowly increase until desired result is achieved. Dosing instructions on jar.

Product Ingredients
Organic Rhodiola Rosea Extract (10:1).