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Edible Earth

" Edible Earth are pioneers of Australia’s revolutionary Eco-luxe Elixirs that are tailored to your daily needs to holistically transform skin, body and mind, from the inside out"
Edible Earth products contain a potent blend of unique, essential ingredients that harness the regenerative powers of nature allowing the body to detox, heal, alkalise, repair, strengthen and re-energise. Proudly Australian made and owned, 100% recyclable and free from fillers, flavours, preservatives, sweeteners, heavy metals, GMO’s and antibiotics.
Following the heartbreaking loss of her partner to brain cancer, Edible Earth Founder and mother of 2 children, Indi and Olli, Sarah set out on a mission. She promised to use the years of extensive natural medicine research and wholeheartedly embrace holistic health and create a range of inner-beauty products that support the body’s natural healing process, to ultimately prevent other people having to go through the suffering her loved ones have endured unnecessarily.
Edible Earth is not just another collagen company. We all believe beauty and wellness starts from within and that we all have the power to heal ourselves and the earth.